Organo Gold Scam

Yes, there is such a thing as healthy coffee. In this Organo Gold Review I will cover the company history, the product(s), and the Opportunity.

But, what will make this Organo Gold Review unique?

There are probably 10's and 100's or even 1000's of reviews on Organo Gold on the internet now. But what makes this review unique is this is coming from the view point from someone looking from the outside in.

This is an unbiased viewpoint because I'm not affiliated with the company. But have done some research since I'm in the network marketing industry and thought to write a well written review.

What drew me to write about this company is that it has a unique product which is Coffee. Now if you're someone with an entrepreneur spirit and love to drink coffee whether it be at your local starbucks or at your home, then you will definitely appreciate this review.

Organo Gold Review - The Company and history

Organo Gold launched in September of 2008, founded by Bernard Chua. The corporate headquarters are in Canada and in the United States. Bernard Chua has very extensive experience in the network marketing industry and have build downlines in the hundreds and thousands in the Philippines. Also he has won the Direct Sales Of The Year Award on 5 separate ocassions. So far Organo Gold is licensed to do business in Canada, United States, and Latin America.

Organo Gold Review - The Products

Organo Gold Coffee is the main product line but also they have teas and nutraceuticals. Now your probably wondering what makes this product so healthy? Ever heard of Ganoderma Lucidum?

Well, majority people haven't heard of this, but if you're really into health and wellness you more than likely know the benefit of Ganoderma Lucidum. Its actually an extract that comes from a strain of a rare mushroom found in Asia. This substance has been used for thousands of years and the Chinese refer to it as "the mushroom of immortality" because of its ability to fight off aging.

Other health benefits include:

- anti-bacterial
- anti-viral
- cancer treatment
- heavy metal detox
- immune system boost

Some of the products in Organo Gold include black coffee, latte, mocha green tea, and hot chocolate.

Organo Gold Review - The Opportunity

Organo Gold is a legit, solid company and believe it or not, if coffee is something that you drink on a regular basis and if your friends drink a lot of it, you have a lot of great potential in growing an Organo Gold Business.


Believe it or not, statistic show that 8 out of 10 people actually drink Coffee. And as a matter of fact, if you change to Organo Gold Coffee, you and your clients will definitely save money because it only costs [POSTCONTENT].50 - .00 per serving.

As an Organo Gold Rep you get paid several different ways.

Fast Start Bonuses (paid weekly)
Retail Profits (paid daily)
Dual Team Bonuses (paid weekly)
Unilevel Bonuses (paid monthly)
Unilevel Matching Bonuses (paid monthly)
Generational Bonuses (paid monthly)
Global Bonuses Pool (paid quarterly)

The company pays 50% for ever dollar and this set up has been proven to be very lucrative to many Organo reps.

In Conclusion:

With these statistics and having a leader with extensive experience and rewards you definitely have a great chance to grow this business as mentioned before.

The only concern is if you want the success and what are you willing to do to achieve it?
There are so many strategies out there and it's best for you to find something that you find you enjoy and comfortable with.

If you're in Organo Goldor looking to into getting involved with them, you definitely would want some information to grow your business, especially if you plan on building it online. There are a lot of great Online Marketing Systems out there, but there is one that I used to build my business.

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